Come soar with us


Come soar with us


At Red Bird we are passionate about stories. It’s as simple as that. Producing 2D and 3D animated videos for musicians, corporate and broadcast, as well as working collaboratively with other studios is how we go about it.

We are based at ABC Studios in East Perth which has allowed us to take on new challenges. As professional artists we love hearing your idea, no matter how simple, and be inspired to tell the story in the best way possible.

At Red Bird we value working with you to ensure we deliver more than just quality animation.

Our beginning

It all started with a bold leap.

Red Bird Creative was founded by Aaron Welch in 2011. After working as a freelancer, it was clear that to pursue storytelling a leap into the unknown was needed.

With determination and passion leading over experience, Red Bird made the most of every opportunity. Today that is no different and has seen their capabilities grow. Collaboration has seen Red Bird work with, and learn from many talented and creative people.

Animated music videos have proved to be the most creative in style and design. Larger projects have seen Aaron provide a project management role. For Red Bird as a studio with big dreams in animation and storytelling, it’s all about being open to all possibilities in the media industry.

Today Red Bird prides itself on what they’ve achieved in delivering quality animated videos and the relationships they’ve forged.

Our team

We may be a small team but we still bring all the passion to collaboratively work with you to produce visual content that tells your story. When needed we will look to our network to find any additional skillset required. All the while still delivering quality animation on time and on budget.


Producer and Animator

After Aaron began his career as a freelancer, it didn’t take long to realise taking a leadership role would further fuel his passion for storytelling. Throwing himself into the challenge of establishing a studio, it’s been a rewarding experience to work with so many talented and dedicated people.

Still wearing many hats, the nature of his work with Red Bird means he will manage the project, lead the team, direct where needed and create the 2D animation.

Alpana Teena Singh


Starting with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Alpana broadened her artistic skills to digital art and 3D modelling. While she still paints stunning landscapes on canvas, Alpana has the ability to task herself to a range of projects like Gus McKay’s music videos. Including providing artistic direction.

With every project Alpana is taking more of a leadership role in developing the concept.

Robson Vieira


Also going by the alias RobJob, as an Illustrator Rob has over 20 years of experience in graphic art and design. This includes concept art, branding, mascot creation and illustrations for children’s books including an iPad book.

Rob understands how a good design builds relationships and trust between a brand and the audience. His art will bring any project to life.

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