Animation Production Projects


Animation Production Projects


Our experience has seen simple ideas, sometimes nothing more than a few words or a sketch evolve into something much more. Along the way the constant drive is, what is the most striking way to animate the story.


What starts as a normal day for Eric the Erythrocyte becomes one adventure after another as the Golden Staph Gang invade the body and battles with the white blood cell army. As the general leading the army, Mike the Macrophage finds himself caught between leading the battle and keeping Eric out of harm’s way.

When Dr Rina Fu met Aaron at a networking event both discovered a shared passion for storytelling and nurturing young talent, including those who are neurodiverse. After Rina met some of artists at Red Bird, the idea to tell a story about the microbiological world evolved into a project for National Science Week 2021.

It was one big journey to bring together the story, the science, character design, music composition and the animation. This was all possible thanks to a dedicated team that drew on each other’s inspiration. Support from 4lifeskills and great media releases by Weilin Chi made for a fantastic launch event in the lead up to National Science Week. We hope this just the beginning for MicroToons!


In a similar but different world than we know, people with powerful abilities known as Ultra Heroes protect the ‘normal’ population. For one man a tragedy gives birth to his new and unique abilities. In seeking answers he’s conflicted by his good intentions, and whose actions while protecting himself and friends, leads him down a darker path.

Coming across the Sub-Heroes book series at Supanova Perth, author David Watts gave enough of an insight for Aaron wanting to know more. Starting with reading the first book Killervolt. It’s been a great collaboration that started with sharing ideas on how to introduce the character and explore the world of Sub-Heroes with awesome art by Robson and audio design by Jared’s team.

Michael Dunstan

On a beach it’s all about relaxing under the sun, enjoying each other’s company and not taking life too seriously.

Finding the right vibe was where the story started. We wanted to have fun with using rubbish and animals as characters and what they could get up to at the beach. Even though everyone is enjoying the day we still wanted to return to the beach in its natural state.


In Sarah’s world as a FIFO worker for a remote mine site, she is always in contact with her friends and easily makes the most of her time away from work. Glyde is more than an Internet of Things (IoT).

More than a video explainer, Ben from Glyde came to us with one thing in mind. How can we explain what the app is all about with a character driven story. Starting with his idea, together we developed the story and characters. Everything had to be original while still reflecting the Glyde brand. This was only possible by working closely with Ben.


As a FIFO worker Sarah’s day in the mining village can be more than just the ordinary and thanks to Glyde she can stay informed with what’s available at the village.

Sarah’s story was part of a larger showcase of how a mining village designed by Fleetwood can offer benefits and comforts. There were key aspects to illustrate how Glyde’s technology and Fleetwood’s modular building solutions provide great value as industry leaders.

Let’s Talk Now

With a focus on the interests and needs of modern day woman, Let’s Talk Now is a show produced from Perth for community television broadcaster West TV. Episodes were aired In October and November 2018.

In working with Red Bird, creators and hosts Laura Kolomyjec and Celeste Schurman had a number of scenarios they wanted animated as a title sequence. Then we had fun in imaging what that would look like!



Baby Thomas is in danger! Who will come and save him!

Jennifer Bates is the author of Super Baby and Ted illustrated book series. Super Bay along with his copilot Ted are the superheroes of a town called Cotsville with the mission to keep all the children safe and out of danger.

Jennifer saw adapting one of the six books into a short animation as another way to entertain young children. Starting with only the simple illustrations from the book, recreating our heroes and the town of Townsville called upon an incredibly talented and passionate collaboration.

Hundred Acres

Gus McKay

Living on a farm is more about ploughing a hundred acres. For Gus it’s a way of life with its own challenges, hopes and dreams.

Bluesman Gus Mckay’s life experience as a farmer, stockman and musician was the visual inspiration for the Hundred Acres music video. Key was ensuring we didn’t lose any substance or meaning in the song. With the added challenge of still be creative in the art. This was only possible by listening to Gus to understand his story.

Talisman is Gus McKay’s fifth album release. From the onset we wanted to take three songs from the album and link the videos in an arc. For the next video the story would revolve around the man in suit.

Piawaning Suit

Gus McKay

When a man in a piawaning suit comes to town a tapestry of stories comes to life. No one knows why he’s here but the effects are all visible. Starting with Hundred Acres, the man in the suit brings the storm to the table.

Inspiration for the design of the Piawaning Suit music video came from R.E.M.’s Imitation of Life video. We wanted to make a canvas come to life with a number of short animated sequences. Starting point came from Gus wanting to have an ant, a ute with sheep, a goat, a coffin and a homestead.

In listening to the song, the banjo became a focal point as much as the man in the suit. Also in syncing the animation to react to the instruments. Expanding from Gus’s idea, we simply let our imagination run.

Bohemian Life

Gus McKay

Living a bohemian life means few possessions and wondering from place to place. For Gus it’s about the music, being in the moment and seeking out someone in Melbourne.

Of the three music videos, finding the right story for Bohemian Life proved to be a much bigger challenge than we imaged. That’s not to say the previous two had their own challenges; every project does. The fundamental idea of the search for love stayed the same, it was in what world would this happen and how.

Once we stepped back from a linear plot then we found our story. In other words, we leaned into our strengths. That’s not to say we still learned a great deal. Including Gus, it was a team effort in creating a fictional world, which in realty did see Gus go to Melbourne and reflect the love story in the song.

Ideas on how to link Bohemian Life changed throughout the production. It was only until we had Gus back in his room, with a view of the window that we came full circle.



A love story that takes place in different worlds including an arcade video game.

When Scott from Doghouse Records as record label manager for local band Shimmergloom came to us, he had the beginning of an idea and footage. Our mission was to see how we can work with this raw material and find the story. At the time in for work experience, high school student Rory Dalitz sketch of a man with a TV for a head was the spark.

In working with Scott ideas evolved into a story about love, betrayal, conflict and loss. We were very fortunate to have freelancer Daniel Wearing to take Rory’s sketch and create great characters to evoke different settings. His arcade set made it possible to use the supplied footage of the band.

With the climax of fire and brimstone, which also allowed another inclusion of footage, we still wanted to end with some light.


Elk Bell

When time can stand still and take you away to different places.

Sway was our third music video for Elk Bell. With the request of artwork featuring a swaying couple, an elk and a swan, we went to task on how to translate that into black and white animation in a stop motion style. This was all freelancer Ilitch D Reveur.

In total we’ve produced five music videos with songs from Elk Bell’s 2011 debut album Superfragilistic. All five were produced within the first 15 months of Red Bird. Without such an opportunity, well let’s just say it underpinned Red Bird’s formative years.

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